Summer Football is Coming to St George!!!

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Team Nomination Form

  • To register your team a Manager or Coach should complete and submit the 2016 Summer Football Team Nomination Form.
  • All players must have an FFA number and be registered for SGFA summer football via – see below.
  • Registrations will remain open up until Friday 8 September 2016.
  • Do not use the Team Nominations form to register as an individual as SGFA will not accept individual player registrations.
  • Competitions formats will be played in line with FFA guidelines.

Player Registrations –

  • Log into MyFootballClub website.
  • Using your current FFA number choose ‘SGFA Summer Football’  as the competition package. Do not select your current club when registering for Summer Football.
  • Select the relevant age group package that you wish to register in for SGFA Summer Football.
  • Complete the player registration process.

 See SGFA for more information…



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