How To Register Online

Registering As A Player

All players must register online at MyFootballClub.  Below is a link to the website and detailed instructions on how to register

Registering As A Volunteer (Coach, Team Manager, Committee Member or Other)

If you are volunteering with a Club as a Coach, Team Manager, Committee Member or any other type of Assistant, you are also required to register online at MyFootballClub.  The procedure is essentially the same as a player but choosing a different type of registration, i.e. Coach, Volunteer, etc.  Use the links above to access the website and a guide to completing the registration, plus the additional details below.


  • Registration Role = Coach
  • Registration Package = Coach

Team Manager

  • Registration Role = Volunteer
    • Volunteer Category = Team Manager
  • Registration Package = RTO

Committee Member or any Other type of Volunteer

  • Registration Role = Volunteer
    • Volunteer Category = Other
  • Registration Package = RTO

Volunteer Requirements – “Working With Children Check”

2018 Season Changes

From the 2018 Season and onwards, Football NSW has expanded the categories of individuals requiring the NSW Governments Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Under the new policy, the following categories will no longer be exempt and will require a WWC Number

  1. Volunteer parents or close relatives coaching or managing their own child’s or close relative’s team;
  2. Referees

Persons aged under 18 years, even if they fall into the above categories, will remain exempt.

Coaches and Managers

  • All paid persons and all volunteer Coaches, Managers, Technical Directors and other roles which require working or volunteering with children under 18 years now require a WWCC.
  • This means that all parents coaching or managing a Penshurst West FC team in which their child plays, must obtain a WWCC and provide a valid WWC Number to the PWFC Registrar.

Registering in MyFootballClub – Pre-Condition

When registering in MyFootballClub (MFC) as a Coach, Manager, or any other role that involves working or volunteering with a child under 18 years of age, it is now a pre-condition of registration with Football NSW that the individual obtains a WWC number and enters their WWC number in the MFC registration system at the time of registration.

How to obtain a WWCC

Complete a Working With Children Check online with Services NSW (click here).  After applying online you will complete the process by visiting Services NSW upon which you will be issued a Working With Children Number.