2017 Registration Information

All new and existing players must register at myfootballclub online before they can register with any other club in our association

 Register at myfootball club here

Registrations for 2017 will be open from 9th January 2017. 

Registrations fees and information can be found below. 


Thank you to all Junior players who attended our Junior Grading Day on Saturday.
After reviewing the numbers we have assessed that we would still need:

* U6 – 5 Players needed
* U7 – 3 Players needed
* U8 Boys – 2 Players needed
* U8/9 Girls – 4 Players needed
* U9 Boys – 7 Players needed
* U10 Boys – 1 Player needed
* U10/11 Girls – 8 Players needed
* U11/12 Boys – 5 Players needed
* U14 – No more players required unless there is a complete new team.

If you know anybody interested please get them to register online at www.myfootballclub.com.au or contact registrar@penshurstwestfc.com.au

To All Players & Parents

Welcome to the 2017 football season. The committee extend a warm welcome to new and returning players and officials and we hope that you will enjoy a rewarding season with Penshurst West Football Club. The club is run by volunteers and we are always seeking additional help. If you think that you can assist us to run the club smoothly and efficiently please contact us. Your assistance will be appreciated.

Don’t forget to invite the family and friends you or your children want to play with, as they may register with another team before you speak to them. Also consider the incredible growth in girls and women’s football. We are seeking women players of any experience level. It is an affordable and fun way to get fit.

Registrations – New & Returning Players Information

Please click HERE for easy step-by-step instructions on how to register on-line with us at Penshurst West FC.

* All NEW & EXISTING players MUST now register with My Football Club on-line at www.myfootballclub.com.au BEFORE they can register with any club in our local Association. Registrations for 2017 will open from 9th January 2017.

* Once registered, payment is shown on the myfootball registration process via “Manual Payment”. These Manual payment processes are explained in detail under the heading Payment Options below. In 2017 we are hoping to provide an online payment option. If this function is not available the box will be greyed out and ‘manual payment’ will be showing. The manual payment processes are explained in detail under the heading payment options.

* If you qualify for a discount, please continue with the registration process and ensure you come down to a registration day with your printed registration paper and payment total will be amended at registration day.

* Please contact us if there are any queries/problems with trying to register on line.

* Please note in order to qualify for the “Early Bird Registration Fee”, players MUST pay & complete their registration on-line before the 12th February 2017, otherwise further fees will be added on registration fee regardless of what day you registered on-line.

* The SGFA registration process requires every player to have a photo ID card (heat shots only) before they can play. New players can be photographed at the registration day when coming down to show their ID documents and/or new/existing players can upload their photo on the myfootball website during registration process. Please ensure any photos uploaded are current, are head shots only and are of good quality.

* No registrations will be processed unless ALL paperwork and photos are complete, and registration fees are paid in FULL

* Players turning 5 before the 31st December 2017 are eligible to play.

* All players and/or guardians will be required to acknowledge they have read the club’s Code of Conduct agreement whilst processing their on-line registration and agree to abide by these.

Registration Dates

Everyone must still register on-line, however ONLY the following players will also be required to attend one of the registration days in order to finalise their registration and be entitled to the “Early Bird Fee Registration Fee” and/or discounts to be applied.

* NEW players needing to show ID – New players need to bring their original birth certificate or drivers licence or passport – New players must still register online first and bring down their online registration paperwork.

* Over 35’s & Over 45’s – These players must still register online first then come down & bring their online registration paperwork receipt along with their original birth certificate or drivers licence or passport for ID to be sighted & copied.

* Full Time students – Must still register on line first but any persons claiming the lower registration fee, must provide evidence to prove that they are indeed full time students and payment can be made on the day via Credit Card/Eftpos. (Part time students do not qualify for reduced fees) Any full time students that can not provide evidence at the registration date will be required to pay the full fee and will only receive a refund once paperwork is shown to the registrar at another suitable time for the registrar. 

* Players entitled to a family/discount – Any discounts will not be calculated correctly on the myfootball on-line registration system, however your on-line registration will still be necessary to complete before coming down to our registration day. The on-line registration paperwork will need to be presented in order to amend the discounted price and payments will then be able to be made on the day via Credit Card/Eftpos.

* Players having genuine difficulty in registering on-line. If you don’t have access to the internet, or you have exhausted all other HELP options on the “step by step instructions on how to register on-line” and are still having difficulty then a computer will be set up where you will be shown and taught how to do this yourself for next time.

* Players unable to pay their registration fee in full – A ‘staged payment’ plan can be requested. Forms will be available on registration day.


(Only to be attended by players mentioned above or those wishing to pay by Credit Card /Eftpos as facilities will be available) – Please see below under heading – PAYMENT OPTIONS

 Day  Time  Location
 Sun 5 February 2017  12pm – 4pm  Olds Park Sports Club (Club rear of Olds Park)
 Wed 8 February 2017  3.30pm –  7.30pm  Olds Park Sports Club (Club rear of Olds Park)

Registrations Fees For 2017:

“Early Bird Rego Discount Fees” – will only apply to registrations completed in full online and/or registration day along with full payment BEFORE 12th February 2017. All payments & registrations AFTER this date will be charged at the “Normal Fee” below so please get in quick and get your discounted fee!

 PWFC Registration Fees

Early Bird Fee

PAY BEFORE 12th Feb 17

Normal Fee

PAY AFTER 12th Feb 17

 NEW Non-Comp 6 years        $130.00       $145.00
 Non Comp, Ages 7, 8  & 9 years        $150.00       $165.00
 Non Comp Ages 10 – 11        $170.00       $185.00
 Comp 12 to 17 years        $180.00       $195.00
 Comp Full time Students

(ID required)

       $250.00       $265.00
 Comp Womens 18+ $270.00 $285.00
 Comp Mens 035’s $270.00 $285.00
 Comp Mens 18+ $280.00 $295.00
 Additional PWFC Discounts Offered: – N.B. Only 1 discount below (being the higher rate), to apply per family
 Family Discounts:  2nd Child – $ 20.00 off,  3rd Child – $ 30.00 off,  4th Family Member – $ FREE!!!
 Committee Member / Player:  Any player who is part of the committee and also a player will receive $100 discount off their Rego Fee at the end of the season

* Conditions Apply – see below

 Committee Member / Coach:  Any Coach who is part of the committee will receive $100 discount off their child’s or immediate family member’s Rego Fee at the end of season.

* Conditions Apply – see  below

Coach / Player:  Any player who is a coach of a PWFC team will receive $100 discount off their Rego Fee at the end of the season.

 Shirt Sponsor: Any player who introduces a shirt sponsor will receive $100 off the registration fee

 * Conditions Apply to Discounts – All Committee Member & Coaching Roles must be fullfilled & performed according to their role in the PWFC Handbook i.e. attending 75% of committee meetings / training etc.. Committee will make final decision if a dispute arises.

* Registration fees are a One Off ONLY Fee which includes ALL weekly referee fees, a jersey & training ball

(Club jerseys will be issued to all players once the season starts but MUST be returned at the end of the season)

* All NEW players to receive club shorts and socks

Payment Options 

Whilst processing your on-line registration through www.myfootballclub.com.au, an option will be made available to pay Manually. These Manual processes are:

* Via Bank Deposit or Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT) to:

Account Name: Penshurst West Youth Club

Account Bank: Westpac Mortdale

BSB: 032-167

A/C: 730028

(Please ensure the reference for the payment made is the players FIRST & LAST name and that an email advice is sent through to us via our Contact Us page).

* EFTPOS/CREDIT CARD (Master & VISA) – Anyone wishing to pay by EFTPOS/credit card, these facilities will be available on the registration days & we welcome you to attend to finalise your registration process. N.B. This is a one time only opportunity and you mustattend one of these dates/times in order to pay this way as these facilities are only specially arranged for these dates. Our club does not have access to these facilities outside of these days & times above. Please ensure your registration has been processed on line and bring your invoice which should of been emailed to you from myfootball immediately after completing your registration on-line with them.

* CASH – To be paid at one of the advertised registration days above, otherwise take to any Westpac Bank & deposit into our account as per bank details above. (Please ensure the bank states your first & last names as a reference & send an email advice through our Contact Us page, stating you have made payment so we can match it off).

Please be mindful that whilst we understand the registration days/times may not suit everyone, our volunteers take the time out of most of their day to attend them, to try to accommodate our members. If this is not convenient, your co-operation via depositing into our account, would be much appreciated.


Grading will be held at Olds Park to ensure Junior teams are allocated in their appropriate Grading level as determined by SGFA. At this stage we are looking at holding the grading day on Saturday 18th February 2017. for all Junior age groups which will include an information & uniforms day. More information will be sent out via our News page of this website, facebook page and teamapp, closer to the date. If you are unavailable to attend this date we ask you to please contact our grading committee ASAP to discuss.


Sponsorship is an essential part of the clubs outreach to the community and our own financial support. It is also a practical way that local businesses can invest in their community.

Do you own or work in a business, have a family member or friend who owns a business, or are willing to ask a local business to sponsor the club? If so please ask the business owner or relevant decision maker if they would be willing to sponsor the club. We are particularly looking for shirt sponsorships, which will put the business name on the team shirt and provide other promotion opportunities.

If they are willing to look at our sponsorship options, please contact our Club President Gino Sacilotto on 0438 421984 and we will discuss the options in more detail with you.

Any person who introduces a shirt sponsor (which meets the sponsorship criteria) will receive $100 off their registration, in the year the sponsorship begins.