Registration Reminder and Grading Days

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To all 2016 PWFC Members & 2017 Members,

The PWFC Early Bird Fees end midnight 12 February 2017.

To qualify for this reduced fee you must have all funds paid in full. Failure to pay means further fees will apply to your registration.

Registrations can be completed online at or Either website that you choose will get you to the same login portal.

To register you will need your FFA number, if you do not know this number you can select the option to input your first and last name and your DOB and it will find your FFA number for you.

The first PWFC in-person registration will be held this Sunday 5 February 2017 at Olds Park Sports Club 12pm – 4pm.

Another face-to-face registration day will also be held onWednesday 8 February 2017 at Olds Park Sports Club 3:30pm -7:30pm.

The following link will take you to our website that has the step-by-step registration instructions, dates, prices and payment options.

PWFC Grading Day- February 11 February 2017. (registrations also possible on this day)

An email will follow soon with more details about the day and the schedule for age groups. We ask that you keep this day free so you are able to attend.

This day will also be another chance for an in-person registration.

Gear Sales at Grading Day-
The gear room will be open on February 11 to purchase/pick up shorts and socks.

Gear Steward Position- The role of gear steward is yet to be filled. The committee would appreciate any parent who is willing to assist in this role to contact the secretary The gear shed needs to be manned early in the season at their convenience (possibly while your child is training).

If you have any queries about your 2017 registration please contact

Thank you,

Zoe Braithwaite
PWFC Registrar

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