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The PWFC Committee welcome all our new and existing committee members for the 2016 season but we still have the following positions vacant and urgently need our members help!

Grounds Controller – Currently the duties of ground set up are being shared amongst a number of people who are able to assist dependent upon their work commitments. Ultimately we would love to have this role fulfilled by one person so that we have one person as point of contact to ensure that our fields will be prepared and ready each weekend.
The role basically consists of line marking the fields prior to the commencement of the games each weekend and supervising the field setup and pull down roster each week to make sure that teams are aware of the duties involved in these tasks. Now that our fields are marked most of the hard work is done as it is now just a matter of ensuring that the lines are clearly visible each week.

Treasurer – Our current treasurer Ian is our longest serving committee member who has continued to assist PWFC for many years, even through the years that he had no children playing in our club. He moved into the position of Assistant Treasurer during 2015 in the hope that he would be able to step away and enjoy travelling in his retirement. However, as the 2015 Treasurer has now stepped into the role of 2016 Secretary, he now is filling the position as an interim treasurer until another volunteer can be found. We are seeking a parent who would be willing to fulfil this role and be able to learn the ropes throughout 2016 while Ian is still able to train someone into the position, as this season will definitely be his last in the role.

While the committee is happy for any parent to volunteer for the position, should anyone have excel spreadsheet experience with a bit of bookkeeping knowledge they would find this position extremely easy.

The committee feel it necessary to advertise this position now so that the willing volunteer will be able to be given full assistance throughout the 2016 by Ian to ensure a smooth transition into the role for 2017.

We seek expressions of interest now, so that we know that this important role for our 2017 season will be filled.

First Aid Officer – Would need to hold a First Aid Qualification to be able to assist in First Aid if needed

The PWFC committee encourages all parents to consider applying for one of the roles listed above to enable the smooth running of the club through the 2016 season.

Please contact us to submit your interest in fulfilling one of the above roles and to receive a detailed job description.

Can’t help by being in the committee? See HERE how you can help your club in other ways…

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