President’s 2016 Season Report

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Dear PWFC Club Members,

I would like to thank all our junior and senior players for participating in this year’s football competition. I trust that you all had an enjoyable season making new friendships and catching up with old ones. As the season concludes I hope to see you return to our Club next season.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of our Club disciplinary record that we have achieved this season. To have no need for any player to attend a disciplinary hearing throughout the season is an outstanding record for a Club of our size. I thank our wonderful RTO’s, parents and volunteers for making this possible along of course with our players. Particular thanks to those who put so much effort in every week in coaching and caring for other people’s most precious possession, their child.

To all our senior players and very old ones, thank you once again for a relatively calm season and I must say supportive one, where more than ever before, senior male and female teams were out there with encouraging banter from the side line.

Our wonderful canteen workers, Sarah and her hard working mother Melita, thank you both so much. To all the volunteers that manned the BBQ a big thank you for all of your support.

To the committee of 2016, thank you all for your hard and diligent work, from lodging match sheets, to prepping gear, website updates with latest information, grading teams, repairing equipment, TeamApp messages to ensure vital messages got through to all members, to fundraising, accounting etc etc. the list goes on and on. This from a group of dedicated people, one third of who only have a child playing in the Club, is a great acknowledgement of every person’s character and devotion to our Club. Thank you my friends on behalf of all.

Lastly, to our Club secretary who put her hand up half way through last year under difficult circumstances and took the role on this year and absolutely smashed it. Your perseverance and diligence has truly made 2016 a year to reflect on. The effort and rapport you have not only with your fellow committee members but also more importantly within the Club. To you my dearest, thank you for your honesty and support.

Yours sincerely,

Gino Sacilotto

Penshurst West FC Club President

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