2017 Awards

Team Awards

Team Award Player
AAA1 Coaches Award Dominic Schurch
Player’s Player Tomas Matosevic
AAAR Coaches Award Andrew Marks
Player’s Player Tomas Ahlers
AAF Coaches Award Ivan Wong
Player’s Player Wilson Li
AAG Coaches Award Simon Miller
Player’s Player Joshua Siely
O35B Coaches Award Llion Evans
Player’s Player Nick Little
O35C Coaches Award Glen Whittorn
Player’s Player Damien Blumire
AAWB Coaches Award Lisa Calderon
Player’s Player Elyssa King
AAWC Coaches Award Gwen Hughes
Player’s Player Lizzie Sutherland
14A Best & Fairest Hamzah El-Foul
Best & Fairest Bishwas Ghimere

Club Awards

Award Recipient
Dylan Smith Award Mark Shuttleworth
Secretary’s Award AAG Team
Club Person of the Year Alan Chen

Team Achievements

Team Season Achievement
O35B 2017 Premiers