2015 Awards

Team Awards

Team Award Player
AAB1 Player’s Player Brock Logan
Team Player Tomas Matosevic
AABR Player’s Player Sean Delaney
Team Player Joseph Sattout
AAD Player’s Player Daniel Nacovski
Team Player Tom McCluckie
AAG Player’s Player Kai Yan
Team Player Ying Dong Zhao
O35C Player’s Player Troy Parmeter
Team Player Sotir Ivanovski
AAWB Player’s Player Lisa Rigon
Team Player Nadene Coleman
AAWD Player’s Player Lilly Baxter
Team Player Harmony Baxter
AAWC Player’s Player Gwen Hughes
Team Player Lizzie Sutherland
14B Banks Outstanding Sports Achievement Lachlan Forrest
Coaches Award Joshua Golovodovski
Most Improved Anes Bektas
13 Girls
Banks Outstanding Sports Achievement Samira Dib
Coaches Award Selina Rivera
Most Improved Beth Evans
Banks Outstanding Sports Achievement Mason Zreik
Coaches Award Hamzah El-Foul
Most Improved Jayden Bull

Club Awards

Award Recipient
Secretary’s Award AAB1 Team
Club Person of the Year Soren Hughes

Team Achievements

Team Season Achievement
AAG 2015 Premiers
AABR 2015 Premiers
AAB1 2015 Minor Premiers