Dylan Smith Round 2017

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Thank you to all the players, supporters, committee members and friends of the club who came down to show their support for David, Rhonda and Tayla during the second PWFC Dylan Smith Round last weekend 💚

Please enjoy the images below (click on the thumbnail to view the large version) and a small tribute to one of our club’s bright young stars.


When we lose someone special, we are deeply saddened. Not only are we upset because of our loss of that important person, but also we are upset for the loss of their possibilities and ours.

In 2015 we lost a teammate, a friend, a member of our soccer family, a fantastic guy and a “little brother”. Sadly, we also lost the opportunity to share future events and inevitable soccer wins. We lost the opportunity to continue to watch his growth into an honourable man.
However, we know that he will be smiling down on us from the great soccer pitch in the sky for every game. So we will be making sure he is watching some quality soccer.

Although he left us far too soon, he left his team with lots of wonderful memories and a lot of lessons. They miss his tenacious running around the pitch in his brightly coloured soccer boots, his jokes and his ecstatic goal celebrations – but they will continue to enjoy playing soccer, as a team and a ‘family’ as he did and as he would want them to continue to do.
We thank him for all the fantastic memories, for the liveliness he brought to his team and our social calendars and for being an absolute champion of a bloke.

His team miss hanging out with such a legend and the friendship they all shared – but if Dylan taught us anything, it was that it’s not the number of years in your life, but the life in your years.

We all play this weekend with the memory of Dylan around us.
We all play with the love and passion he had for his soccer and his friends.
We all play this weekend because we are fortunate enough too.
We all play to show our support to his family and to let them know he will never be forgotten 💚

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