1986  –  Quinton Pellarini Memorial Shield 

For more than 10 years, commencing in 1986, the Soccer Section of Penshurst West Youth Club conducted a night time competition to commemorate the memory of Quinton Pellarini. Known as the Quinton Pellarini Memorial Shield this unique event was a round-robin style of competition held over three nights for boys who played soccer in the 11 years age group. Soccer teams were invited to participate from the St George Area and the surrounding districts.

The competition was organised as a tribute to the courage and determination of Quinton Pellarini who lost his life in a tragic accident on Forest Road near Olds Park. Quinton played soccer and cricket for Penshurst West Youth club and excelled at both sports despite his small stature.

In the words of Bob Grant, Quinton’s coach for five years …

“Quinton was a gutsy player who was always the
smallest boy in the team, but he never let that hold
him back. Many times he was knocked heavily to the
ground by bigger boys, but he always bounced back
to get into the action and give his best effort”. 

Following Quinton’s death, local Alderman Bryan McDonald and Dick Deering, backed by overwhelming support from the Penshurst West Youth Club and local residents, led Hurstville Council in a determined battle to have traffic lights installed on Forest Road, Morts Road corner. Despite inexplicable bureaucratic obstacles, the lights were ultimately installed to the relief of every parent in the area.

The Quinton Pellarini Memorial Shield competition grew to achieve a status highly regarded in soccer circles and victory to a club was held in high esteem. The first Shield was won by Greenacre Club. Penshurst West Youth Club first won this prestigious award in 1993 and again in 1995.

The Quinton Pellarini Memorial Shield will continue to have special meaning in the hearts of all Penshurst West Youth Club members.