1981 – 1987  Soccer, and introducing Girls!

Further discussions were held with Little Athletics in regard to a proper canteen following a minor accident with the gas in the caravan. Hurstville council agree to a building, advising that the cost would be $20,000. The building would include a storage room that would be used by Little Athletics in the Summer and the Soccer Section in the winter. The canteen was not bale to be used for the 1981soccer season.

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

1981 was the first year of the first girls team in Penshurst West Youth Club Soccer Section. The following teams were all Premiers in their first year:


In 1982 there is much excitement in the soccer section when the U/17’s won the ‘Champion of Champions’ state title. The first team from Penshurst West Youth Club to win this title.

In 1983 and 1984 Penshurst West fielded 24 teams making Penshurst West one of the biggest soccer clubs in the St George Soccer Association. The 12A’s were Premiers in 1984.

1985 produced another Premiership team in the 8B’s.

Of the 21 teams in 1986 the All Age Reserves were Premiers.

In 1987 the 15B team were undefeated Premiers and 1988 had three Penshurst West players making representative selection.