1965 – The Beginnings of a Youth Club

A teacher and sports master at Penshurst West Public School by the name of Charles Owen saw a need for the students to be involved in sport at the weekends, as there was no provision in the surrounding district for organised sport.

In Mr. Owens words …

I had the sole responsibility for the coaching of inter-school sport at this time as there was no Youth Club in the near vicinity. I called a meeting of interested parents on the evening of Tuesday 16th February, 1965 at the school. There would have been at least twenty to thirty parents present. I gave then a brief idea of why the meeting had been called and the suggested that we might call for office bearers. As no one knew each other we asked for volunteers for the positions, working clock wise around the room

The first office bearers:

President:  Mr Frank Nightingale  
Vice President:  Mr Charles Owen
Secretary:  Mr Ray Dean
Treasurer:         Mr Ray Beasley
Delegates to St George Junior Rugby League: Mr Allan Kieran,
Mr Harley Bush, Mr Bill Dunn, Mr Musgrove, Mr Charles Owen, Mr Brett Franklin

A second meeting was held on 25th February, 1965 at the home of Mr Nightingale. At this meeting it was formally suggested that the Club be named:


The members would be known as the:    PENSHURST WEST WARATAHS

At this second meeting of the club, fees were set at 5/- for registration and 2/- each week for match fees to cover the cost off the jerseys.

In 1966 a club magazine, “Pass the Word” was started. The early monthly magazines included a “Thought for the Month”. One used in the December 1966 issue is still appropriate today –

“Win Honourably, Lose Graciously, and Always Play the Game”