Junior Grading Gala Day

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Hi All PWFC Junior Members,

Our Junior grading/gala day will be held this Saturday 11 February 2017 at Olds Park.

This day will also be used as another Registration Day during the hours below.


Grading day will be used by the club to assess players & teams in order for them to be placed in their correct SGFA grading. This grading criteria is set by SGFA and is in place for all Non-Competition & Competition teams. Clubs must grade the children properly at beginning of the season as no re-classifications by SGFA will be allowed after teams have been lodged.

The non-comp teams are divided up into:
* Beginners
* Intermediate
* Advanced
The overall aim of the day is to get your child’s team new or existing in their correct grade.

All players need to wear football boots and shin pads to participate. Your child will not be covered by insurance if they are not paid in full. It is a requirement of PWFC that all children participating in our grading are financial. For those players who have not yet paid EFTPOS facilities will be available on the day. Please also remember to invite your friends & family along to come down if they are interested in playing this season.


RTO’s & Coaches

All players & parents are to be there 15 minutes prior to the start of their age group so that we may have a meeting with the parents to discuss RTO requirements for their child’s team.

Before registering a team, we are required to have a minimum of two RTO’s (this is normally coach & manager). PWFC is run by volunteers and we do not provide coaches & managers to run each team. If these positions cannot be filled, the team will risk not being able to be registered as per SGFA regulations.

We will be taking applications for RTO’s & Coaches on the day and we would appreciate as many parents possible to put their hands up.

All returning RTO’s & coaches must attend grading/gala day if you cannot attend please contact Non-Comp Coordinator (Paulo Soares) ASAP on 0413 767 060.


Attendance by all teams & players is compulsory. We hope to get as much co-operation as possible as this will make it easier to allocate teams & will give all our old & new faces attending a much needed fun opportunity to get a little practice in and kick the ball around. This will also give the committee an opportunity to meet the parents and build a stronger foundation with them and to answer any concerns parents may have.

Please note that non-attendance or not notifying Non-Comp Coordinator (Paulo Soares) of your non-attendance before the event may result in your child or team not allocated a spot.
Lastly, although PWFC do not have access to the canteen as yet, the committee have organised a free drink for every child that participates in the event. A ticket will be given after their session to collect their drink.
We look forward to seeing you all down there on Saturday and should any parents and/or RTO’s have any concerns, if there are any parents that would like assist in volunteering on the day we urge you to please contact our Non-Comp Co-ordinator, Paulo Soares.


Under 6 Year Olds  – Starting 8:30am
Under 7 Year Olds – Starting 9:30am
Under 8 Years Olds – Starting 10:30am
Under 9 Year Olds  – Starting 10:30am
Under 10 Year Olds – Starting 11:30am
Under 11 Year Olds- Starting 11:30am
Under 12 Year Olds  – Starting 12:30pm
Under 13 Years Olds and Over 12:30pm

  • Please note all children participating in Grading/Gala day must wear football boots & shin pads or they will not be able to participate.
  • Parents are reminded to please bring along a drink for their child as the weather is predicted to be quite high.
  • Times to be confirmed on Friday the 10/02/2017


See you there,

PWFC Committee

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